13.1 Mile Challenge

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About time to do the half marathon!

If someone can, then I can do it, right!

I am ready tomorrow to challenge myself to a  twenty one kilometer run (21km) and hopefully will finish it strong! I know in my heart and mind that I can conquer! There’s no race and required payment to start my 1st half marathon so tomorrow I’m on this 13.1 miles challenge!

For tomorrow’s challenge, I would be wearing my one month old shoe Nike LunarGlide 5 which I already spent more than 50 miles already running and jogging with it, match it with my favorite pinoy fitness singlet and blue nike dri-fit shorts with orange lining and nikeplus tracking band. Fueling and hydrating is important, so I might wear fuel belt and bring chocolates. Actually, I have no training or program to follow that lead me to this challenge, so I’ll take it slow and not to rush, the aim is to finish it strong!

So wish me a good luck tomorrow!

What: 13.1 challenge
when: feb.18.14
where: jdv highway, dagupan
time: 5am

Note from Running for Beginners: “Half marathon training involves a lot of groundwork, known as getting ‘miles in your legs’ but there will also be the variety of speed work, tempo runs and hill work. If you are considering running a half marathon, you should also spend some time doing weights in the gym and some cross training activities to avoid over-use injuries to your legs. If your aim is to enter a half marathon event then you should expect to spend about three months in half marathon training: this is if you have been doing some running already. If you have not run for a while or you are new to running then you should go through a 5K training program and expect to do at least six months training before you run a half marathon.”

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