QRS1 5k

5k open category for female runners started 5:35am at Aspire Park. All participants ran in Sand Trail, it has different categories too.

We are going to ran in a sand trail and I had never tried in 3 years running in sand so… I was a bit scared that I might slip or fall. Actually I had struggles.. had too much cramps at first in my right leg after 2.5km and struggled more in 4k as I start feeling my other leg (left) having cramps… so I had to walk… in my previous races I never ever had cramps. So I’m feeling newbie again that I need to learn and update myself again after 3yrs of no running activity.

I realize I didn’t do the right thing before the race. Yes I did not make a warm up… another thing I didn’t check and practice on track.. last thing that in my first start I wasn’t relax instead I did run fast which I never practiced. Enough of my complains and whining lmao…

I put some pictures taken during the event photo by my supportive husband.

There will be another next running series and I will make sure that I will finish it strong and no cramping this time. 😊

Products Recommended · Running

Pampaputi Products

When I was a kid until I got into college, I have a fair skin as just my friends and kababata and everybody in the neighborhood calls me mestizang bangus and I wasn’t really aware, not sure what’s the meaning of it before, and I feel like I am a different person because of my light complexion. I was interested into whitening products when I noticed a discoloration in my skin, due to sun exposure. I used to join into a mountain bike race, cycling club and hiking group so, at that time skincare is not in my vocabulary.  Due to sun exposure, I got some uneven skin tone and unhealthy skin. For any excuses or reasons skin is very important for women esp. if you want to represent yourself to an important event. To any industry you encounter or attend to, your skin is the reflection of yourself.

Ano nga ba ang mga pampaputi products na ginagamit ko?


Hindi ka na magugulat sa mga sandamakmak na online ads, newsfeeds, tv commercials, youtube ads, prints ads o billboards na nagpropromote ng beauty products with matching pleasing and young celebrity para hikayatin ka bumili na akala mo magiging kamukha mo sya pag sakaling gumamit ka ng produkto nya. Okay maganda sya, maganda ung artista, effective ba?

What matters to me is the effectiveness of the products especially I am a very picky person din because I am an asian, my skin is different from other races like people who live in four seasons like here in Qatar, kasi ako ay lumaki sa Philippines, hot season madalas. Although, I am currently living in a middle east country (Qatar), I am still choosing products that suits my asian skin.


No doubt kasi ako mismo I tried using Glutafit and Omni white soap, so before ko ireccomend at sabihin na maganda, I must have to try these products and wow, it works for me! I have reviewed and checked first Glutafit before I took the 15days challenge, very interesting, safe, with collagen and slimming effect besides whitening effect. My skin starts to glow when it catches a light lalo na sa loob ng simbahan hehehe, napansin ng asawa ko eh, so I started to love my skin and Glutafit plus omni white soap.

The product isvery safe and FDA approved hindi naman siguro magiging viral pag hindi safe, just a friendly reminder na mag ingat lang kasi dahil na nafe-fake halos lahat lalo na kapag sikat na brand yan.

Buy the product to a legit distributor (do a background check), or on the link to the official product store.


Hello, I am Tere an online direct seller and distributor of the Omni White products as well as Glutafit Dietary Supplement of Jc Premiere International based in Qatar and Philippines.

You can contact me on my facebook page for you inquiries and orders. I shipped worldwide. For business partnership you can provide your details and we can skype to discuss the products, networking and marketing.

You may email me and leave a message.

For Qatar you can call me or whatsapp me.




Overnight Camping in Al Wakra Family Beach Qatar

⛺️Stayed and wrapped up until 3:30am because there was a gusty wind around 2am, wind felt under our sleeping bags when we were sleeping, light stuff started to fly and fell down. The advisory is right that there is a dust storm! ⛺️But, the night when we stayed there from 7pm was a good experience since me and Derek had never been gone overnight camping,🔥the bbq and foods made our night full… with Yuri Family was an amazing and unforgettable experience. I wish to go more camping this coming weekends especially the weather is the best to go out!

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Pangasinan Zumba Instructor


Yes I am a licensed Zumba Instructor residing in Dagupan City, Pangasinan since May 2015. I joined and trained at Brewing Point Manila in May 2015 with other zumba instructors from different parts of localities in the Philippines. I am also part of Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) where we teach updated zumba formula given by the owners of Zumba. I teach different steps and dances in 1 hour of mix/culture/modern steps of cumbia, soca, bachatta, reggaeton, merengue, salsa and so many others.


You may call me Tessa as your zumba instructor and you may hire me to teach a class for 1 hour with complete set of zumba music from warm up way to cooldown. Zumba is a happiness, way to loosen up and sweat for 1 hour and feel so good after the dance workout.


It’s me and Zes Prince Paltu-ob!

Reach me: Instagram, Facebook, Email.



One of the most well-maintained “premier” national parks in the country, it is home of the nation’s rare and endangered species of flora (like the dwarf bamboo) and fauna (e.g., the cloud rat, kock’s pita, serpent eagle, Philippine deer, Philippine pig, etc.). It is also home to some of North Luzon’s ethnic tribes; four of them actually reside within the park – Ibaloi, Kalanguya, Kankana-ey, and Ibanag, and most of them consider Mt. Pulag a sacred place not only because they consider it a resting place and playground of their gods but also a place where they bury their dead.

Mt. Pulag is located within the municipalities of Buguias, Kabayan and Bokod in Benguet, Tinoc in Ifugao and Kayapa in Nueva Vizcaya. Deep ravines, gorges and steep terrain characterize Mt. Pulag.

Ambangeg/Babadac Trail

This is the well established and considered the main trail going to Mt. Pulag. Vehicles can negotiate the trail all the way to the Ranger Station which is the entire Ambangeg Trail. Still others can choose to hike the entire trail.

The DENR office and the Ranger station are located along the trail, a few meters from the park entrance. From there, the Mt. Pulag base camp is a 4-km hike along the well-paved trails with a convenient rest stop waiting shed. From the base camp, the summit is just a 45-90 minute hike away.

I am way prepared to our trip as I completed all gears and apparels needed before reaching the summit. Two weeks before I have already purchased at lazada a tent and sleeping bag, borrowed winter jacket from a friend and gathered all my necessary wear and things to bring. The team fetch me at the house, left 11:30 am then on our half way to Baguio, I remember that I forgot my medical certificate but didn’t bother me. We are 12 in a van, can feel their excitement on this trip.

We arrived at Baguio 2 am, waited for organizer’s advise. Finally, our transportation came, set ourselves and put our bags full of things on the top of jeepney.  Sleepless night of preparation and travel to Baguio made us worried especially me. As the jeep started, we could no longer steal a nap since the road is rough and it’s shaky inside. There’s 2 hours ride from Baguio to DENR for registration. A 1 hour ride from DENR to Bokod, Mt Ranger Station.

We had an orientation at DENR, marked us as a head count and I bought a gloves near the office for my additional warmth.


Mt Pulag


I recently finished my 1st major climb experience at Mt. Pulag Summit from Ranger Station Babadak, Kabayan, Benguet to Summit and back to Ranger Station in a total of 16-17 kilometers. I started to climb at 1:58am via Ambangeg trail, and took 4 hours to reach the summit. I hike up narrow trails, steep inclines, and beside dangerous cliffs. The weather drop to -7 degrees on grassland where we have to wait for the sunrise, surprisingly the weather is way colder than we expected but it doesn’t stop us to climb the summit. I am on top of Luzon at 2,922 meters above sea level! Two days of fun and learning from this great adventure and exciting experiences has made us myself proud.



What a day on Valentines day!

I was scrolling down my facebook newsfeed on valentines day and all I see are pictures of flowers with a thank you saying caption and tagged on the person’s name. Some checked in to restaurants having lunch or dinner with their family or partner.  Is it flowers or dating a person that makes the valentines day complete, what is valentines day mean to you? I don’t seriously see Valentines day a big deal on celebrating or giving much time just to show your sweetness and thought to a person. Valentines day to me is just an ordinary day that reminds that you need to be sweet and thoughtful and that it is necessary to give smile to the special person in your life. The day is for everybody who like to celebrate special love to somebody or someone.

Anyway, this morning I had a great short distance 4km run. The call time is 5:30am and I was late and had to catch up and finished mine 7am.  We had this place where we stay as a lounge  which we call it “sa kubo” means “at the hut”. The cyclist and runners gathered there after their training and catch up. We had a breakfast of sopas, puto and coffee. I had a great chat and laughs with my colleagues and old guys.

I slept in the afternoon, woke up after an hour…..  Went to grocery… Cook dinner.. Sleep again.


Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Definitely my family met and welcome the year of wooden sheep, we have prepared tikoy, kiat kiat mandarin oranges, pansit, chocolates on the table for we can received food abundance, good health and brings family closeness. We also, tossed coins in our rooms including living and dining area to receive wealth and good energy. I stayed awake until 1am, within 11pm to 1am I think is best time to go outside the house to increase luck and good energy.

Today, February 20, 2015 there are many things to consider but, first things first. This blog is now up! And I will promise myself to continue writing and keep posting. I intend to do it so I can track all my daily activities, kinda sort of documentation of daily myself.

I will set a goal for my running, cycling, swimming, lawn tennis, and will keep schedules on zumba and combat. My daily tasks are my priorities and I hope I can get it all done. Keeping myself strong, focus and determine is all I need considering I step on new small business. My hands are really tight, hoping I can make it. The year for me, is taking care of myself is the very important.

I wish everyone a great year ahead of you and your family! Thank you for your time visiting my blog. Happy New Year!



If you like to know and see your born year, zodiac sign and meaning see below:

zodiac chinesezodiacchart


Philhealth Run 20k 2015

Philhealth Run 2015 is a nationwide simultaneous run in celebration of 20th year this February. One of their race site was held in Dagupan with different categories. Three days before the event, I went to their office, signed a form, paid and claim my race kit. My goal is to finish the 20k in 2 hours and 20 minutes. This event is my second long distance marathon race, I was mentally prepared to run a 20 kilometers. The route is not that complicated, the road is mostly flat.

I’m happy because Dagupan Runners of DCCC (Dagupan City Cycling Club) also joined the event. My team #DagupanRunners consist of multisports dagupenos who already ran long distances (21k/42k), one of the team helped me to be on top of other runners and paced me all the way. I have noticed before the turning point of 10km, three ladies has also a pace partner, I guess they are meant to push and maintain a certain speed.

20k runners started 5am and I finished it in 2 hours and 15 minutes… not bad at all! I was happy running as I approached the finish line with my team, definitely a great experience.

DCCC Dagupan Runners Team take home a beautiful finisher medal and a certificate while got a AMA Scholarship.