Corniche and Souq

Holiday has come, It’s Eid Al Adha! A friend of ours is so kind to accommodate us for a night tour in Doha. Two of the popular spots to visit are Corniche and Souq.

We were fetch at Ezdan Mall and head to park near Souq area. We went to this beautiful park, just walk around. The view where we stand just amazed us. The background is perfect for taking pictures.

Across to the park is the Souq Waqif. The park is very wide like eight thousand hectares.

When we enter the Souq Waqif, it’s filled with different kind of coffee shops and beautiful people from different parts of the world. I didn’t get the chance to take a picture though.

The place is quite neat! The weather is hot so we decided to stay inside the restaurant.

So right after we finished are meal and drinks, we head to Corniche.


My 1st Duathlon Challenge

Being active in sports such cycling and running, San Fernando 2014 Duathlon Challenge played a big part in my life history. I’ve always wanted to get involved in any sports, achieve things that makes me feel proud and to be an inspiration to many. SFLU duathlon race is open to non-local residents under invitational category ONLY; the tour led and sponsored by Dagupan City Cycling Club. A week before, the team has decided to join the race and it was kind of rush to submit our names and paid them through Dra. Cicel’s help.

In the preparation of my 1st duathlon, I focused on running and monitoring pace and heartbeat. On the 1st day of one week of my self-training before the race, a 5k of running to finish in less than an hour every day is a deal. I was entirely focused of my body and mind controlling of how I would finish the 5k-15 k-5 k, run-bike-run. I should survive on the race no matter what. How I wish I can, then I realize it was exhausting and powerless to get into your bike after 5km running.

On the last 2 days training before the race, I hadn’t fully finish the transition practice, instead finished the 5km run 10k bike and went home tired and frustrated. I believe competing and joining races is not a joke and to fake that you are good into something isn’t worth at all. Then, I am afraid encouraging people to experience the passion I have like cycling and running because it only takes a person to see where he/she good at.

The truth is that I am scared to compete and to give all I’ve got because I might faint and get injured. As long my mind is set to enjoyment and finds mountainbiking and running makes me happy, I would wander and use the talent what God has gave to me. It was a day decision to come with the team and join the race; I apologize to the DCCC for being late that morning and thank you for waiting for me. 🙂

and…. Tessa is on track and the aim is to finish the 5k-15k-5k, run-bike-run!

photo credits to Dhing Carulla
photo credits to Dhing Carulla
photo credits to Dhing Carulla
photo credits to Dhing Carulla

As I have said earlier, it wasn’t a joke at all! There are only 8 joined of us under FEMALE CAT, few of us are first timer and 3 are hardcore and been into lots of races and, here they are:

1st, 2nd, 3rd… my place? ask me!

Screen Captures

As a reward and proof that we finished the run-bike-run transition, a finisher shirt was given after the last 5km run. It was a priceless experience to keep and share to everyone! 🙂

The Post Valentine – Duathlon, Run for the Hearts was held at San Fernando City last february 16, 2014.

For duathlon TIPS check links below: