Day 1 of One Week: Losing Weight

The challenge of the week is trying to lose weight at least so I can present myself to my girl best-friend wedding this coming January 8.

This morning I had to admit I am hungry and on my mind I know there is spaghetti sauce and a pasta to eat for breakfast. I wanted to eat! But I said no to myself even my mind is howling for spaghetti, fight on my cravings I ended eating a pear and an orange.

I looked for the zumba cd, play it on dvd and I started to warm up and followed Beto moves on the screen. The sweat is coming out and for 30 minutes I am done! Drank water with lemon and feeling refreshed after the simple dance workout. Again I was hungry.

I had a quick hot shower then after I wanted to relax myself and try to sleep. Once again I am hungry. Okay I grabbed a bbq honey lays and ate like 10 chips. I laid on bed and once again I am hungry. I grabbed a honey popcorn and ate like 10 balls. I laid on bed and after 30 minutes, I decided to go downstairs and eat a real lunch.

I cooked a chicken liver in sweet soy with chilli sesame oil  and had some cooked rice. Now I am full writing what happened this morning on my day 1 of one week losing weight challenge and I wonder what to eat for dinner.