QRS1 5k

5k open category for female runners started 5:35am at Aspire Park. All participants ran in Sand Trail, it has different categories too.

We are going to ran in a sand trail and I had never tried in 3 years running in sand so… I was a bit scared that I might slip or fall. Actually I had struggles.. had too much cramps at first in my right leg after 2.5km and struggled more in 4k as I start feeling my other leg (left) having cramps… so I had to walk… in my previous races I never ever had cramps. So I’m feeling newbie again that I need to learn and update myself again after 3yrs of no running activity.

I realize I didn’t do the right thing before the race. Yes I did not make a warm up… another thing I didn’t check and practice on track.. last thing that in my first start I wasn’t relax instead I did run fast which I never practiced. Enough of my complains and whining lmao…

I put some pictures taken during the event photo by my supportive husband.

There will be another next running series and I will make sure that I will finish it strong and no cramping this time. 😊

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