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When I was a kid until I got into college, I have a fair skin as just my friends and kababata and everybody in the neighborhood calls me mestizang bangus and I wasn’t really aware, not sure what’s the meaning of it before, and I feel like I am a different person because of my light complexion. I was interested into whitening products when I noticed a discoloration in my skin, due to sun exposure. I used to join into a mountain bike race, cycling club and hiking group so, at that time skincare is not in my vocabulary.  Due to sun exposure, I got some uneven skin tone and unhealthy skin. For any excuses or reasons skin is very important for women esp. if you want to represent yourself to an important event. To any industry you encounter or attend to, your skin is the reflection of yourself.

Ano nga ba ang mga pampaputi products na ginagamit ko?


Hindi ka na magugulat sa mga sandamakmak na online ads, newsfeeds, tv commercials, youtube ads, prints ads o billboards na nagpropromote ng beauty products with matching pleasing and young celebrity para hikayatin ka bumili na akala mo magiging kamukha mo sya pag sakaling gumamit ka ng produkto nya. Okay maganda sya, maganda ung artista, effective ba?

What matters to me is the effectiveness of the products especially I am a very picky person din because I am an asian, my skin is different from other races like people who live in four seasons like here in Qatar, kasi ako ay lumaki sa Philippines, hot season madalas. Although, I am currently living in a middle east country (Qatar), I am still choosing products that suits my asian skin.


No doubt kasi ako mismo I tried using Glutafit and Omni white soap, so before ko ireccomend at sabihin na maganda, I must have to try these products and wow, it works for me! I have reviewed and checked first Glutafit before I took the 15days challenge, very interesting, safe, with collagen and slimming effect besides whitening effect. My skin starts to glow when it catches a light lalo na sa loob ng simbahan hehehe, napansin ng asawa ko eh, so I started to love my skin and Glutafit plus omni white soap.

The product isvery safe and FDA approved hindi naman siguro magiging viral pag hindi safe, just a friendly reminder na mag ingat lang kasi dahil na nafe-fake halos lahat lalo na kapag sikat na brand yan.

Buy the product to a legit distributor (do a background check), or on the link to the official product store.


Hello, I am Tere an online direct seller and distributor of the Omni White products as well as Glutafit Dietary Supplement of Jc Premiere International based in Qatar and Philippines.

You can contact me on my facebook page for you inquiries and orders. I shipped worldwide. For business partnership you can provide your details and we can skype to discuss the products, networking and marketing.

You may email me and leave a message.

For Qatar you can call me or whatsapp me.