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Zumba has been popular for those people who loves to dance and move, people value their life, health and body. In zumba you will gain strengthening and flexibility because of the movements you will learn by following the steps of a license zumba intructress/intructor. And by the zumba formula movements in each songs you will experience core benefits of many different steps by just following. Zumba helps in burning calories, getting sweat, waking up all muscles, toned and gives you relax of mind and body, you can release of tension and stress too.

Every Saturdays, a group of zumba lovers gather at 6am to 6:20 before their dance workout start. I’ve joined a group at Dagupan Plaza and saw few I know from past zumba activities. They are all setting a mood with smile, welcoming others, taking photos while waiting for others. As a zumba instructor for a year now it’s important for me and everybody to meet new people around, share your passion and talent, show what you can do to be able to notice and trust, understanding people their needs and wants, get out of box and learn from others. Thanks to Pangasinan Zumba Fitness Club (PZFC), a friendly group who invites the locals to join them at Dagupan City Plaza to join, special thanks to their club manager Mhely who initiated it. They are collecting thirty pesos to each individual who support the PZFC, also the individuals joining an one hour and half of zumba dance workout saturday session. The fund will go to zumba instructors who has been sharing their zin-life and help the group for being good well being through dance zumba workout activities.

To be a licensed zumba instructor you need to be trained and you need a sum to pay for being a trainer/instructor. Plus, to maintain the license you need to pay a monthly fee to be part of Zumba Intructor Network (ZIN).  Part of the pzfc zumba intructors were zin Jho and zin Darwin, hoping I can be part of their team since I do enjoyed being with them.

jho, me, darwin
mhely and me



Dagupan City Plaza is a public park, town square located at A. B. Fernandez Avenue in Dagupan City.

Dagupan City Plaza an open space provided for recreational use, usually owned and maintained by a local government. They can be used as play areas, for taking lunch breaks, or even for small events. Most importantly, they should be a place of quiet refuge and escape from the busy city life surrounding them.

A great activity for local individuals everyday esp. on weekends is to go to the park and have a physical activity like walking around the park, jogging, kids can play at kids ground, can go around with their bikes and skateboards. On the local groups they can use the facility for physical activity like zumba.

hi I’m Tessa a zumba instructor you can contact me @ 09777454275.


Pangasinan Zumba Instructor


Yes I am a licensed Zumba Instructor residing in Dagupan City, Pangasinan since May 2015. I joined and trained at Brewing Point Manila in May 2015 with other zumba instructors from different parts of localities in the Philippines. I am also part of Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) where we teach updated zumba formula given by the owners of Zumba. I teach different steps and dances in 1 hour of mix/culture/modern steps of cumbia, soca, bachatta, reggaeton, merengue, salsa and so many others.


You may call me Tessa as your zumba instructor and you may hire me to teach a class for 1 hour with complete set of zumba music from warm up way to cooldown. Zumba is a happiness, way to loosen up and sweat for 1 hour and feel so good after the dance workout.


It’s me and Zes Prince Paltu-ob!

Reach me: Instagram, Facebook, Email.


One of the most well-maintained “premier” national parks in the country, it is home of the nation’s rare and endangered species of flora (like the dwarf bamboo) and fauna (e.g., the cloud rat, kock’s pita, serpent eagle, Philippine deer, Philippine pig, etc.). It is also home to some of North Luzon’s ethnic tribes; four of them actually reside within the park – Ibaloi, Kalanguya, Kankana-ey, and Ibanag, and most of them consider Mt. Pulag a sacred place not only because they consider it a resting place and playground of their gods but also a place where they bury their dead.

Mt. Pulag is located within the municipalities of Buguias, Kabayan and Bokod in Benguet, Tinoc in Ifugao and Kayapa in Nueva Vizcaya. Deep ravines, gorges and steep terrain characterize Mt. Pulag.

Ambangeg/Babadac Trail

This is the well established and considered the main trail going to Mt. Pulag. Vehicles can negotiate the trail all the way to the Ranger Station which is the entire Ambangeg Trail. Still others can choose to hike the entire trail.

The DENR office and the Ranger station are located along the trail, a few meters from the park entrance. From there, the Mt. Pulag base camp is a 4-km hike along the well-paved trails with a convenient rest stop waiting shed. From the base camp, the summit is just a 45-90 minute hike away.

I am way prepared to our trip as I completed all gears and apparels needed before reaching the summit. Two weeks before I have already purchased at lazada a tent and sleeping bag, borrowed winter jacket from a friend and gathered all my necessary wear and things to bring. The team fetch me at the house, left 11:30 am then on our half way to Baguio, I remember that I forgot my medical certificate but didn’t bother me. We are 12 in a van, can feel their excitement on this trip.

We arrived at Baguio 2 am, waited for organizer’s advise. Finally, our transportation came, set ourselves and put our bags full of things on the top of jeepney.  Sleepless night of preparation and travel to Baguio made us worried especially me. As the jeep started, we could no longer steal a nap since the road is rough and it’s shaky inside. There’s 2 hours ride from Baguio to DENR for registration. A 1 hour ride from DENR to Bokod, Mt Ranger Station.

We had an orientation at DENR, marked us as a head count and I bought a gloves near the office for my additional warmth.


Mt Pulag


I recently finished my 1st major climb experience at Mt. Pulag Summit from Ranger Station Babadak, Kabayan, Benguet to Summit and back to Ranger Station in a total of 16-17 kilometers. I started to climb at 1:58am via Ambangeg trail, and took 4 hours to reach the summit. I hike up narrow trails, steep inclines, and beside dangerous cliffs. The weather drop to -7 degrees on grassland where we have to wait for the sunrise, surprisingly the weather is way colder than we expected but it doesn’t stop us to climb the summit. I am on top of Luzon at 2,922 meters above sea level! Two days of fun and learning from this great adventure and exciting experiences has made us myself proud.



running pace, the runners high

Since I got back home from abroad, my running had been pretty lackluster in the mental department. I gained weight for staying 5 months in abroad where women’s ability to run in the streets/roads is prohibited. I totally miss running especially when friends post their marathon pics with the finisher medal, I  was getting frustrated. I would able to get in the run but never felt awesome and didn’t feel like it was what I wanted to be when doing it. I would try to relax and take it easy and enjoy it buy it felt like a newbie running along the road. I didn’t feel normal and I couldn’t focus on anything besides how awkward I felt and how much I wasn’t enjoying it. I tried to think back to when I loved running and if I was doing anything differently to make me like it then. I tried to think back to that runners high feeling but it’s been almost a year since I had experienced it. I told myself that I am just going to stop running. It’s just so much work and I don’t love it any more.

Definitely I lose weight after a month or two since I got back to zumba fitness and cycling. I have been back running for a little over a month and each run seemed like chore and I was dreading most of them. It was a lot of work to time everything perfectly, get out there, and then come home sweaty and not feeling great. I don’t know if it was because I am a little bit heavier than what I was, it was frustrating to keep doing something that I used to love and literally have no feeling of any enjoyment running alone. My love for it was definitely still missing.

I decided to begrudgingly lace up my shoes and head out for another disappointing adventure to train for the half marathon event this coming March.  A 5 minutes of stretching of legs, arms, back, hips, feet, arms and a walk of 5 minutes, as we ventured out, the weather was perfect and I started to feel good. The first mile felt pretty good as walk and run interval goes along,  second mile I started to feel like everything was clicking. I wasn’t out of breath, my legs hurt a little and I just glided forward without much effort.  I hit my stride and ran right into the the third mile, which was pure magic. It held the feelings that had alluded me for some time. It was euphoric and everything I was missing when it came to running. I ran and it felt so easy. My legs just went forward, my arms fell into place. My breathing was consistent and I didn’t feel like I was gasping for air. I just kept going and didn’t have to think about how much work it was or what was going wrong, because everything felt so right. It was the feeling I had wanted to once again experience. Finally, I got off the place we started and knew that my run was almost over. Last 50 meters of sprint, I felt it was  challenge for us to do running again.  I felt my breathing becoming heavy. Not because I was tired or winded, but because I was tearing up at finally having that feeling return. I remembered why I do love to run.

Brent Run 21km, 2014 in Baguio City

What a day on Valentines day!

I was scrolling down my facebook newsfeed on valentines day and all I see are pictures of flowers with a thank you saying caption and tagged on the person’s name. Some checked in to restaurants having lunch or dinner with their family or partner.  Is it flowers or dating a person that makes the valentines day complete, what is valentines day mean to you? I don’t seriously see Valentines day a big deal on celebrating or giving much time just to show your sweetness and thought to a person. Valentines day to me is just an ordinary day that reminds that you need to be sweet and thoughtful and that it is necessary to give smile to the special person in your life. The day is for everybody who like to celebrate special love to somebody or someone.

Anyway, this morning I had a great short distance 4km run. The call time is 5:30am and I was late and had to catch up and finished mine 7am.  We had this place where we stay as a lounge  which we call it “sa kubo” means “at the hut”. The cyclist and runners gathered there after their training and catch up. We had a breakfast of sopas, puto and coffee. I had a great chat and laughs with my colleagues and old guys.

I slept in the afternoon, woke up after an hour…..  Went to grocery… Cook dinner.. Sleep again.

Pre Valentines Bicycle Ride in Lingayen Pangasinan 2016

A pre valentines bicycle ride organized  and lead by Vice Mayor Nepthalie Pasiliao was held in Lingayen Pangasinan. We Metro Dagupan City Cycling Inc. group joined and participate the said event. A 20km smooth and easy ride around Lingayen Pangasinan to see and wander the Lingayen town and streets.  I pedal all the way from Dagupan City together with my co-cyclist and friends in about 15km ride. We had a 5:30 call time to assemble and to receive a uniform “ride for love” shirt sponsored by the event in JDV Dagupan before we go to Lingayen. I together with the group has been very supportive in any kind of sports event around Pangasinan.

The Ride for Love fun ride started at 7am, mountain bikers, road cyclist, kids in the bike and any other form of bicycles are welcome. We paced around or between 18spd-25spd. We finished the ride with a satisfaction to see the Lingayen faces and places. They have given us refreshments and food after, it’s good to be with a lot of bikers and to meet some people.

Metro Dagupan City Cycling Inc
In JDV Dagupan, Assembly and Distribution of Uniforms for MDCCi group
VM Pasiliao giving his personal speech
inserted my love for ride shirt at my back🙂 photo credits to Jonathan Bais
12694705_10204537615474445_1981770666248409217_o - Copy
photo credits to Jojo Estrada Tamayo

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Day 1 of One Week: Losing Weight

The challenge of the week is trying to lose weight at least so I can present myself to my girl best-friend wedding this coming January 8.

This morning I had to admit I am hungry and on my mind I know there is spaghetti sauce and a pasta to eat for breakfast. I wanted to eat! But I said no to myself even my mind is howling for spaghetti, fight on my cravings I ended eating a pear and an orange.

I looked for the zumba cd, play it on dvd and I started to warm up and followed Beto moves on the screen. The sweat is coming out and for 30 minutes I am done! Drank water with lemon and feeling refreshed after the simple dance workout. Again I was hungry.

I had a quick hot shower then after I wanted to relax myself and try to sleep. Once again I am hungry. Okay I grabbed a bbq honey lays and ate like 10 chips. I laid on bed and once again I am hungry. I grabbed a honey popcorn and ate like 10 balls. I laid on bed and after 30 minutes, I decided to go downstairs and eat a real lunch.

I cooked a chicken liver in sweet soy with chilli sesame oil  and had some cooked rice. Now I am full writing what happened this morning on my day 1 of one week losing weight challenge and I wonder what to eat for dinner.


Being sentimental before the year ends

Instrumental Songs

It’s been a while for me, getting that juice of passion and waiting for that kind of motivation for me to write again about what is going on in my life.  I just listened and sang the song rendition of Olivia Ong “sometimes when we touch” and tried to play on my guitar and her voice moved me with the clarity of her voice. The way she deliver the song and how the words pronounced so clear with impact, it made my morning special. I have listened to the song repeatedly and it made my day. Thanks to her music and song rendition.

Just a week ago I have been listening to different genre of music and bought cds at odyssey. I even downloaded songs at the mp3youtube site. It’s like looking for something so I just go whatever my feelings like to go. I ripped the four cds and started to play them and start singing. What I most like about the instrumental cds, I can sing the songs through my head and the lyrics just came along, good thing I know some of them. The old songs from Barry Manilow, Basil Valdez and other various artists are great to listen especially you are in a mood of being alone, well it keep you in a good company though.

Those songs keep me sane and attached to my feelings of hurt and alone time, it really understand the feeling inside me. I would like to burst the feelings which no one could hear and understand but only me and the music. Thank you for the music that keep me company before 2016 ends.

I’ll be ready hopefully and will release negativity this 2016 so I can go back to who I really am.

You can listen to one of my favourite song Sometimes When We Touch by Olivia Ong

Ride a Bicycle to Fight Boredom

Why some women like to ride a bicycle? People asked me, what and how I got hooked riding a bicycle. Maybe because I was looking for an additional activity that could fight my boredom. I am married and my husband is so far away. It was like almost a year waiting and waiting that leads me to depression. My mom told to go out to look for things to fight the stress and depression.


Dancing is my passion so I went to a zumba class for six months, went to places to places, attended seminars, stayed in spas and things are still missing. I went over the net and read articles what women do to avoid stress.


I was in photography and I learned to shoot and capture beautiful things also, attended photography seminars and joined photography sites and posted pics to join contests and showcased my photos. Still things are lacking…. It doesn’t stopped me finding and looking what makes me really happy and satisfied on what I am doing.

Another thing that makes me less stress is to paint. I went to national bookstore and bought paints, brushes, canvass and oils and started to express myself through painting. My mom is very supportive, I kept the paintings by myself and was really happy with my few canvass, I feel like an artist. Well, it doesn’t stopped me there until one day with all the things I do it just pops in my mind, to get and buy a bike. When I was a kid, I like winds. It’s a kid thing maybe.

With all the things I do, maybe I didn’t stopped exploring what I want. It just flows and followed my heart. My first bike is a mountain bike, I love it and I was really happy. My first ride is I was feeling free, and it felt like I am close to nature. I’ve learned many things in life and it’s a blessing. I thank God, for all the gracious things He gave me and only I could advice to readers and friends is to follow your heart.

Inside Mt. Inmalog

Life is like a bicycle, there is no end of road. There are many curves, obstacles and hills that you will pass before you get to your destination. You maneuver which may it lead to success or failure. It is a risk if you go too fast either you will succeed or fail. If you succeed it brings accomplishment in life and if you fail you get back up again and continue to move on.


I believe bicycling brings balance and colors in your life. Get one, it helps fight your boredom.