QRS1 5k

5k open category for female runners started 5:35am at Aspire Park. All participants ran in Sand Trail, it has different categories too.

We are going to ran in a sand trail and I had never tried in 3 years running in sand so… I was a bit scared that I might slip or fall. Actually I had struggles.. had too much cramps at first in my right leg after 2.5km and struggled more in 4k as I start feeling my other leg (left) having cramps… so I had to walk… in my previous races I never ever had cramps. So I’m feeling newbie again that I need to learn and update myself again after 3yrs of no running activity.

I realize I didn’t do the right thing before the race. Yes I did not make a warm up… another thing I didn’t check and practice on track.. last thing that in my first start I wasn’t relax instead I did run fast which I never practiced. Enough of my complains and whining lmao…

I put some pictures taken during the event photo by my supportive husband.

There will be another next running series and I will make sure that I will finish it strong and no cramping this time. 😊

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Pampaputi Products

When I was a kid until I got into college, I have a fair skin as just my friends and kababata and everybody in the neighborhood calls me mestizang bangus and I wasn’t really aware, not sure what’s the meaning of it before, and I feel like I am a different person because of my light complexion. I was interested into whitening products when I noticed a discoloration in my skin, due to sun exposure. I used to join into a mountain bike race, cycling club and hiking group so, at that time skincare is not in my vocabulary.  Due to sun exposure, I got some uneven skin tone and unhealthy skin. For any excuses or reasons skin is very important for women esp. if you want to represent yourself to an important event. To any industry you encounter or attend to, your skin is the reflection of yourself.

Ano nga ba ang mga pampaputi products na ginagamit ko?


Hindi ka na magugulat sa mga sandamakmak na online ads, newsfeeds, tv commercials, youtube ads, prints ads o billboards na nagpropromote ng beauty products with matching pleasing and young celebrity para hikayatin ka bumili na akala mo magiging kamukha mo sya pag sakaling gumamit ka ng produkto nya. Okay maganda sya, maganda ung artista, effective ba?

What matters to me is the effectiveness of the products especially I am a very picky person din because I am an asian, my skin is different from other races like people who live in four seasons like here in Qatar, kasi ako ay lumaki sa Philippines, hot season madalas. Although, I am currently living in a middle east country (Qatar), I am still choosing products that suits my asian skin.


No doubt kasi ako mismo I tried using Glutafit and Omni white soap, so before ko ireccomend at sabihin na maganda, I must have to try these products and wow, it works for me! I have reviewed and checked first Glutafit before I took the 15days challenge, very interesting, safe, with collagen and slimming effect besides whitening effect. My skin starts to glow when it catches a light lalo na sa loob ng simbahan hehehe, napansin ng asawa ko eh, so I started to love my skin and Glutafit plus omni white soap.

The product isvery safe and FDA approved hindi naman siguro magiging viral pag hindi safe, just a friendly reminder na mag ingat lang kasi dahil na nafe-fake halos lahat lalo na kapag sikat na brand yan.

Buy the product to a legit distributor (do a background check), or on the link to the official product store.


Hello, I am Tere an online direct seller and distributor of the Omni White products as well as Glutafit Dietary Supplement of Jc Premiere International based in Qatar and Philippines.

You can contact me on my facebook page for you inquiries and orders. I shipped worldwide. For business partnership you can provide your details and we can skype to discuss the products, networking and marketing.

You may email me and leave a message.

For Qatar you can call me or whatsapp me.




Overnight Camping in Al Wakra Family Beach Qatar

⛺️Stayed and wrapped up until 3:30am because there was a gusty wind around 2am, wind felt under our sleeping bags when we were sleeping, light stuff started to fly and fell down. The advisory is right that there is a dust storm! ⛺️But, the night when we stayed there from 7pm was a good experience since me and Derek had never been gone overnight camping,🔥the bbq and foods made our night full… with Yuri Family was an amazing and unforgettable experience. I wish to go more camping this coming weekends especially the weather is the best to go out!


Corniche and Souq

Holiday has come, It’s Eid Al Adha! A friend of ours is so kind to accommodate us for a night tour in Doha. Two of the popular spots to visit are Corniche and Souq.

We were fetch at Ezdan Mall and head to park near Souq area. We went to this beautiful park, just walk around. The view where we stand just amazed us. The background is perfect for taking pictures.

Across to the park is the Souq Waqif. The park is very wide like eight thousand hectares.

When we enter the Souq Waqif, it’s filled with different kind of coffee shops and beautiful people from different parts of the world. I didn’t get the chance to take a picture though.

The place is quite neat! The weather is hot so we decided to stay inside the restaurant.

So right after we finished are meal and drinks, we head to Corniche.

Couple Ride

Hometown Xmas Lights | Couple Ride

Two weeks ago,  Derek told me once about the carnaval and lots of lights and the decorations at JDV highway every night and wasn’t interested going there for reason it’s crowded and we don’t have vehicle going there to enjoy much rides and stroll. Then I saw a friend’s post of what’s my husband have told me about the lights at the highway.

I have never been in a night ride with Derek and it’s been a longtime I did stroll at night. It’s too dangerous because there are not much people on the road plus road lights are sometimes off. But since we are too curious, why not set a night right. We went to UNITOP store and checked for some cheap bike lights for we plan to go there at the highway and check what’s going on there and actually see the event.  Bike lights are important so you can go ahead not to confuse drivers at night and it’s for safety. We bought the cheapest, around 35 pesos plus battery of 10pesos.  Well the quality is not bad as long as it gives light and warning to drivers. We installed the day before we went to the highway.

7pm we started to roll from our place, turning to careenan and up to JDV highway and surprised with the light and decorations of big roosters and we stopped by and took pictures with it. 🙂

Derek Tuates
Derek Tuates

15621931_10210067202149080_7318391977991405294_n 15492427_10210067301591566_1195985059724539080_n

Year 2017 is a year of the rooster, so waking up early is a must thing to do 🙂 After taking pictures we went ahead to place where we can see the christmas lights spirit. I have enjoyed doing this together and had never been happy riding on a bike with a man especially it’s my husband. So went there and stagazed with beautiful and different nativity of Jesus or birth of Jesus. Our hometown is such blessed with artistic people that have time to build and remind us how Jesus was born.

I am happy that in the simplest way we as a couple can do things that doesn’t required any people and money just to get things done and decide for ourselves with great courage and communication. The nativity of Jesus or birth of Jesus symbolize to us that no one is greater person above all but only to believe in God that he brings good things around us. We just to follow HIS lead and we will not be perish, because our Almighty is our guide. And I thank you God for guiding us everyday.

Derek Tuates
Derek Tuates

15622445_1392473820772335_7452089068661500678_n 15590374_10210067202429087_3956484598956309274_n 15665643_10210067203429112_4032597507866521778_n 15621729_10210067301271558_1089538370894705793_n 15621751_10210067202469088_6998737465217120312_n 15589997_10210067202909099_4185950984470565515_n

Being the best couple is not about looking awesome together. It is about how compatible you are together. It’s not about looking perfect together. It’s about being perfect for each other .You don’t need to have extraordinary glamorous looks but you need to have extraordinary passion and love for each other. It’s not about making others happy when they see you both together it’s about being happy when you both are together. The best couples in the world are the ones who are madly in love with each other and who are strongly determined to make their relationship work with maturity, understanding, commitment and unconditional love….. Aarti Khurana

Couple Ride

Morning Couple Ride

I have never felt so happy and excited to get bond and ride with my husband, it’s such a classic. The night before we already prepared the bikes and make sure tires are pumped up. Of course doing those preparation is a rare thing we did.  We actually prepared for our suit for our morning ride, checked if helmets are okay to go, shoes, socks and shorts. The only I got worried is if can wake up early and to the bond.

Of course we did it! The night felt great, doing this together is awesome! The heart is raising happily that we get to enjoy the moments of riding our bikes together. The moments are priceless that we don’t need to spend a money just to have fun. We actually don’t have money but that doesn’t stop us creating good memories. I would miss this times, hoping we could do this forever.

Derek & Tessa Tuates
Derek & Tessa Tuates


I have couple of shots from my lovely husband, and he is really good in capturing photos of me.

15672757_1397523950267322_2777739939908505921_n 15741046_1397523913600659_8235164596171556761_n


Zumba in Dagupan City Plaza

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Zumba has been popular for those people who loves to dance and move, people value their life, health and body. In zumba you will gain strengthening and flexibility because of the movements you will learn by following the steps of a license zumba intructress/intructor. And by the zumba formula movements in each songs you will experience core benefits of many different steps by just following. Zumba helps in burning calories, getting sweat, waking up all muscles, toned and gives you relax of mind and body, you can release of tension and stress too.

Every Saturdays, a group of zumba lovers gather at 6am to 6:20 before their dance workout start. I’ve joined a group at Dagupan Plaza and saw few I know from past zumba activities. They are all setting a mood with smile, welcoming others, taking photos while waiting for others. As a zumba instructor for a year now it’s important for me and everybody to meet new people around, share your passion and talent, show what you can do to be able to notice and trust, understanding people their needs and wants, get out of box and learn from others. Thanks to Pangasinan Zumba Fitness Club (PZFC), a friendly group who invites the locals to join them at Dagupan City Plaza to join, special thanks to their club manager Mhely who initiated it. They are collecting thirty pesos to each individual who support the PZFC, also the individuals joining an one hour and half of zumba dance workout saturday session. The fund will go to zumba instructors who has been sharing their zin-life and help the group for being good well being through dance zumba workout activities.

To be a licensed zumba instructor you need to be trained and you need a sum to pay for being a trainer/instructor. Plus, to maintain the license you need to pay a monthly fee to be part of Zumba Intructor Network (ZIN).  Part of the pzfc zumba intructors were zin Jho and zin Darwin, hoping I can be part of their team since I do enjoyed being with them.

jho, me, darwin

mhely and me



Dagupan City Plaza is a public park, town square located at A. B. Fernandez Avenue in Dagupan City.

Dagupan City Plaza an open space provided for recreational use, usually owned and maintained by a local government. They can be used as play areas, for taking lunch breaks, or even for small events. Most importantly, they should be a place of quiet refuge and escape from the busy city life surrounding them.

A great activity for local individuals everyday esp. on weekends is to go to the park and have a physical activity like walking around the park, jogging, kids can play at kids ground, can go around with their bikes and skateboards. On the local groups they can use the facility for physical activity like zumba.

hi I’m Tessa a zumba instructor you can contact me @ 09777454275.


Couple Ride

Bike Couple

I started doing cycling when I feel depressed of not doing enough with my life while my husband is away at work in a far away land. I considered bike is a remedy of getting a fresh air and that additional channel to get out of the depression.

Finally after 3 years he came back at our hometown and we experienced biking together and it was priceless. The happiness brought me life with my husband and wishing that he would love what I do. I have been dreaming and wanting to do cycling with him ever since. Cycling was a passion that I achieved and that happy to share it with my only love.

My husband Derek Tuates enjoyed it so much, I know in my heart he was happy doing it with me, of course I was happy too, the joy in my heart felt that we can do this together for fun until we can still walk.

13612231_1239943462692039_4808662888322366901_n 13620924_1239941596025559_1616851592157528216_n 13619917_1239944616025257_8624489610597362255_n 13680511_1239944516025267_5264098447268813689_n 13658977_1239944806025238_2219688338676286239_n Derek Tuates

To my husband, I want to say your my life and I love you for the rest of my life.

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Pangasinan Zumba Instructor


Yes I am a licensed Zumba Instructor residing in Dagupan City, Pangasinan since May 2015. I joined and trained at Brewing Point Manila in May 2015 with other zumba instructors from different parts of localities in the Philippines. I am also part of Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) where we teach updated zumba formula given by the owners of Zumba. I teach different steps and dances in 1 hour of mix/culture/modern steps of cumbia, soca, bachatta, reggaeton, merengue, salsa and so many others.


You may call me Tessa as your zumba instructor and you may hire me to teach a class for 1 hour with complete set of zumba music from warm up way to cooldown. Zumba is a happiness, way to loosen up and sweat for 1 hour and feel so good after the dance workout.


It’s me and Zes Prince Paltu-ob!

Reach me: Instagram, Facebook, Email.