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Run 13.1 Miles Run

Yes the 13.1 miles challenge is indeed achieved in 2 hours and 48 minutes! As per Sir Tonypats told me, I had a quite good pace to start for a 1st time half marathoner. I’ve asked an advice to a triathlete Cicel Reyna, she told me to take a 10% step increase of every miles however, I did today was over 50%, it’s huge from 10km to 21km. My mindset was to focus and be determine and I had it!

Half marathon wasn’t really easy at all, I almost gave up in 15 kilometers and really exhausting. I run along with Jhong on the first 2km, a duathlete who won 2nd place in an invitational 2014 duathlon race at San Fernando La Union, we separated between 2 to 3 km and his distance is far of 2km already! Which, I am glad to chase him between 7 to 8 km distance. He was very fast like a road runner, it’s like 4 minutes per 1km, no wonder why he won!

Taking up the 13.1 mile challenge require a focus, commitment and a lot of determination to achieve. It is only in your mindset that tells you how you will start and finish it. Once you set a goal, you are bound to finish what you have started.

My inspiration on this 13.1 mile challenge are all the runners who have a courage and fearless to run long distances. Now, I understand how this runner felt after they reach their goal every time they run. It was a feeling of strong, confident, being awesome that only few can do it. Now, I am ready to inspire people to run and do more challenges!

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