DCCC Ride em’ Tandem: my 1st local road cycling race

Dagupan City Cycling Club, photo credits to Jojo Tamayo d fotographer 🙂

“I love cycling and I had really much fun.” – Tessa Tuates There are so many words to describe within and after you finish a certain race. As a part of a group and cycling community I feel like I need to push myself and be on that group and just be there, have some fun. I really have no training, no long distance rides nor group rides after I bought a road bike which I just got a week ago. I wasn’t sure if I would be fit to join and be on that group race. I need to challenge myself and see what I can do so, the race was organized by our DCCC race director Roy Gonzales with the help of some sponsors and Dagupan City cycling club members. 1956807_826684754042396_5862614659201361381_o The ride em’ tandem event is consist of a two amateur cyclist who will be racing from start to finish then the organizers had set time and get the finish time result. I happened to be partnered with co DCCC rider Engr. Nicanor Siapno and it was bitter sweet ride and everybody assumed we’re just going to have an easy ride. It was no an easy ride, as I have no training and haven’t get back in shape with good stamina and endurance. I was exhausting, out of breathe, legs hurt, arms hurt, no longer in comfort and out of fuel. I was really proud of myself and didn’t gave up which I almost in the last three kilometers, the recovery part was my partner pulled me those pace he knew I’m getting slow, till I recover from terrible breathing I push and I push really hard and it was not easy…. so therefore I will be back and train after 7 months of no cardio training. I really like to help other women who are struggling to keep in shape and through cycling I can show them how easy to get lean and fit.

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