Being sentimental before the year ends

Instrumental Songs

It’s been a while for me, getting that juice of passion and waiting for that kind of motivation for me to write again about what is going on in my life.  I just listened and sang the song rendition of Olivia Ong “sometimes when we touch” and tried to play on my guitar and her voice moved me with the clarity of her voice. The way she deliver the song and how the words pronounced so clear with impact, it made my morning special. I have listened to the song repeatedly and it made my day. Thanks to her music and song rendition.

Just a week ago I have been listening to different genre of music and bought cds at odyssey. I even downloaded songs at the mp3youtube site. It’s like looking for something so I just go whatever my feelings like to go. I ripped the four cds and started to play them and start singing. What I most like about the instrumental cds, I can sing the songs through my head and the lyrics just came along, good thing I know some of them. The old songs from Barry Manilow, Basil Valdez and other various artists are great to listen especially you are in a mood of being alone, well it keep you in a good company though.

Those songs keep me sane and attached to my feelings of hurt and alone time, it really understand the feeling inside me. I would like to burst the feelings which no one could hear and understand but only me and the music. Thank you for the music that keep me company before 2016 ends.

I’ll be ready hopefully and will release negativity this 2016 so I can go back to who I really am.

You can listen to one of my favourite song Sometimes When We Touch by Olivia Ong

Mountain Bike Blog

Ride a Bicycle to Fight Boredom

Why some women like to ride a bicycle? People asked me, what and how I got hooked riding a bicycle. Maybe because I was looking for an additional activity that could fight my boredom. I am married and my husband is so far away. It was like almost a year waiting and waiting that leads me to depression. My mom told to go out to look for things to fight the stress and depression.


Dancing is my passion so I went to a zumba class for six months, went to places to places, attended seminars, stayed in spas and things are still missing. I went over the net and read articles what women do to avoid stress.


I was in photography and I learned to shoot and capture beautiful things also, attended photography seminars and joined photography sites and posted pics to join contests and showcased my photos. Still things are lacking…. It doesn’t stopped me finding and looking what makes me really happy and satisfied on what I am doing.

Another thing that makes me less stress is to paint. I went to national bookstore and bought paints, brushes, canvass and oils and started to express myself through painting. My mom is very supportive, I kept the paintings by myself and was really happy with my few canvass, I feel like an artist. Well, it doesn’t stopped me there until one day with all the things I do it just pops in my mind, to get and buy a bike. When I was a kid, I like winds. It’s a kid thing maybe.

With all the things I do, maybe I didn’t stopped exploring what I want. It just flows and followed my heart. My first bike is a mountain bike, I love it and I was really happy. My first ride is I was feeling free, and it felt like I am close to nature. I’ve learned many things in life and it’s a blessing. I thank God, for all the gracious things He gave me and only I could advice to readers and friends is to follow your heart.

Inside Mt. Inmalog

Life is like a bicycle, there is no end of road. There are many curves, obstacles and hills that you will pass before you get to your destination. You maneuver which may it lead to success or failure. It is a risk if you go too fast either you will succeed or fail. If you succeed it brings accomplishment in life and if you fail you get back up again and continue to move on.


I believe bicycling brings balance and colors in your life. Get one, it helps fight your boredom.

Mountain Bike Blog

The Rough Ride inside the Trails

C360_2015-05-17-21-05-09-764 C360_2015-05-17-21-05-38-501 C360_2015-05-17-21-06-22-679C360_2015-05-17-21-06-48-831
Too hot and you never get away with it! Too far though it’s worth to ride to see amazing views up there!

I had never thought cycling is a very challenging sports and hobby. Nobody hooked me on getting a bike, it just came. The instinct is too strong so I came on the sense I should buy and get one. From then on I had never stop exploring, wandering, making friends, hungry for mountain ride, feeling the sunshine, smell of the trees, feeling the earth and listening to breeze. Love it!

Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂


Friday Start (UDH)

It’s a good calling now, this time 11am to write what I think and feel. It’s friday, the room temperature is a bit cold. I’m wearing earth tri-colors of medium stripes sando dress sitting on a warm couch which hugs me all day. The weather outside is sunny and really hot in a 41 degree celcius. It’s been a long time that I’ve tapped my fingers to a keyboard, seeing this letters makes me wonder how beautiful to write again. Am actually smiling right now and the passion is just coming out little by little. I guess I am just bored for being so not active and had a gloomy lifestyle for a  past two months now. I have told myself many times too write but here I am excited to pour topics and talk about life and so many things over my past and present. I believe writing could keep me sane and stay smart, and it will avoid me experiencing a not blossoming lifestyle. I really would like to set aside my happy past life acivities and maybe embrace the present, how sad that can be, oh boy.  I just need to do this to write because I like to cope in anyway on my own way and find ways to make my life be better. I like to turn myself into a beautiful new version of me today and set a good standard then look on the past at the same time to collect memories to write it down here. Friday will be a productive day and goodbye dull day. 🙂


Finished: 11:30am


Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Definitely my family met and welcome the year of wooden sheep, we have prepared tikoy, kiat kiat mandarin oranges, pansit, chocolates on the table for we can received food abundance, good health and brings family closeness. We also, tossed coins in our rooms including living and dining area to receive wealth and good energy. I stayed awake until 1am, within 11pm to 1am I think is best time to go outside the house to increase luck and good energy.

Today, February 20, 2015 there are many things to consider but, first things first. This blog is now up! And I will promise myself to continue writing and keep posting. I intend to do it so I can track all my daily activities, kinda sort of documentation of daily myself.

I will set a goal for my running, cycling, swimming, lawn tennis, and will keep schedules on zumba and combat. My daily tasks are my priorities and I hope I can get it all done. Keeping myself strong, focus and determine is all I need considering I step on new small business. My hands are really tight, hoping I can make it. The year for me, is taking care of myself is the very important.

I wish everyone a great year ahead of you and your family! Thank you for your time visiting my blog. Happy New Year!



If you like to know and see your born year, zodiac sign and meaning see below:

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Philhealth Run 20k 2015

Philhealth Run 2015 is a nationwide simultaneous run in celebration of 20th year this February. One of their race site was held in Dagupan with different categories. Three days before the event, I went to their office, signed a form, paid and claim my race kit. My goal is to finish the 20k in 2 hours and 20 minutes. This event is my second long distance marathon race, I was mentally prepared to run a 20 kilometers. The route is not that complicated, the road is mostly flat.

I’m happy because Dagupan Runners of DCCC (Dagupan City Cycling Club) also joined the event. My team #DagupanRunners consist of multisports dagupenos who already ran long distances (21k/42k), one of the team helped me to be on top of other runners and paced me all the way. I have noticed before the turning point of 10km, three ladies has also a pace partner, I guess they are meant to push and maintain a certain speed.

20k runners started 5am and I finished it in 2 hours and 15 minutes… not bad at all! I was happy running as I approached the finish line with my team, definitely a great experience.

DCCC Dagupan Runners Team take home a beautiful finisher medal and a certificate while got a AMA Scholarship.









Second Road Cycling Race: EBD CUP DAGUPAN to SUAL

I’m not into a competition, but would be great if we all make it! All are finisher except to a few that I think they had never route or no training before the said event. I know my confidence and I should not waste much energy if I already know what’s gonna happen. What is important to ride safe and lead as an example 🙂 January 24, 2015, the EBD CUP is hosted by our very own Engr. Rodolfo Dion who celebrated his birthday with Dagupan Cycling Club Family with the support of our President Ricky Diocares.

Calling time is 7am and we left Dagupan, escorted by marshall to lead and clear our way to Binmaley, Lingayen, Labrador to Sual. A 20km easy ride to starting line and a 22km route to finish line. 10952276_418696158289123_4813398545237271883_n



DCCC Ride em’ Tandem: my 1st local road cycling race

Dagupan City Cycling Club, photo credits to Jojo Tamayo d fotographer 🙂

“I love cycling and I had really much fun.” – Tessa Tuates There are so many words to describe within and after you finish a certain race. As a part of a group and cycling community I feel like I need to push myself and be on that group and just be there, have some fun. I really have no training, no long distance rides nor group rides after I bought a road bike which I just got a week ago. I wasn’t sure if I would be fit to join and be on that group race. I need to challenge myself and see what I can do so, the race was organized by our DCCC race director Roy Gonzales with the help of some sponsors and Dagupan City cycling club members. 1956807_826684754042396_5862614659201361381_o The ride em’ tandem event is consist of a two amateur cyclist who will be racing from start to finish then the organizers had set time and get the finish time result. I happened to be partnered with co DCCC rider Engr. Nicanor Siapno and it was bitter sweet ride and everybody assumed we’re just going to have an easy ride. It was no an easy ride, as I have no training and haven’t get back in shape with good stamina and endurance. I was exhausting, out of breathe, legs hurt, arms hurt, no longer in comfort and out of fuel. I was really proud of myself and didn’t gave up which I almost in the last three kilometers, the recovery part was my partner pulled me those pace he knew I’m getting slow, till I recover from terrible breathing I push and I push really hard and it was not easy…. so therefore I will be back and train after 7 months of no cardio training. I really like to help other women who are struggling to keep in shape and through cycling I can show them how easy to get lean and fit.


My 1st Duathlon Challenge

Being active in sports such cycling and running, San Fernando 2014 Duathlon Challenge played a big part in my life history. I’ve always wanted to get involved in any sports, achieve things that makes me feel proud and to be an inspiration to many. SFLU duathlon race is open to non-local residents under invitational category ONLY; the tour led and sponsored by Dagupan City Cycling Club. A week before, the team has decided to join the race and it was kind of rush to submit our names and paid them through Dra. Cicel’s help.

In the preparation of my 1st duathlon, I focused on running and monitoring pace and heartbeat. On the 1st day of one week of my self-training before the race, a 5k of running to finish in less than an hour every day is a deal. I was entirely focused of my body and mind controlling of how I would finish the 5k-15 k-5 k, run-bike-run. I should survive on the race no matter what. How I wish I can, then I realize it was exhausting and powerless to get into your bike after 5km running.

On the last 2 days training before the race, I hadn’t fully finish the transition practice, instead finished the 5km run 10k bike and went home tired and frustrated. I believe competing and joining races is not a joke and to fake that you are good into something isn’t worth at all. Then, I am afraid encouraging people to experience the passion I have like cycling and running because it only takes a person to see where he/she good at.

The truth is that I am scared to compete and to give all I’ve got because I might faint and get injured. As long my mind is set to enjoyment and finds mountainbiking and running makes me happy, I would wander and use the talent what God has gave to me. It was a day decision to come with the team and join the race; I apologize to the DCCC for being late that morning and thank you for waiting for me. 🙂

and…. Tessa is on track and the aim is to finish the 5k-15k-5k, run-bike-run!

photo credits to Dhing Carulla
photo credits to Dhing Carulla
photo credits to Dhing Carulla
photo credits to Dhing Carulla

As I have said earlier, it wasn’t a joke at all! There are only 8 joined of us under FEMALE CAT, few of us are first timer and 3 are hardcore and been into lots of races and, here they are:

1st, 2nd, 3rd… my place? ask me!

Screen Captures

As a reward and proof that we finished the run-bike-run transition, a finisher shirt was given after the last 5km run. It was a priceless experience to keep and share to everyone! 🙂

The Post Valentine – Duathlon, Run for the Hearts was held at San Fernando City last february 16, 2014.

For duathlon TIPS check links below:

13.1 Miles · Half Marathon · Running

Run 13.1 Miles Run

Yes the 13.1 miles challenge is indeed achieved in 2 hours and 48 minutes! As per Sir Tonypats told me, I had a quite good pace to start for a 1st time half marathoner. I’ve asked an advice to a triathlete Cicel Reyna, she told me to take a 10% step increase of every miles however, I did today was over 50%, it’s huge from 10km to 21km. My mindset was to focus and be determine and I had it!

Half marathon wasn’t really easy at all, I almost gave up in 15 kilometers and really exhausting. I run along with Jhong on the first 2km, a duathlete who won 2nd place in an invitational 2014 duathlon race at San Fernando La Union, we separated between 2 to 3 km and his distance is far of 2km already! Which, I am glad to chase him between 7 to 8 km distance. He was very fast like a road runner, it’s like 4 minutes per 1km, no wonder why he won!

Taking up the 13.1 mile challenge require a focus, commitment and a lot of determination to achieve. It is only in your mindset that tells you how you will start and finish it. Once you set a goal, you are bound to finish what you have started.

My inspiration on this 13.1 mile challenge are all the runners who have a courage and fearless to run long distances. Now, I understand how this runner felt after they reach their goal every time they run. It was a feeling of strong, confident, being awesome that only few can do it. Now, I am ready to inspire people to run and do more challenges!