Being sentimental before the year ends

Instrumental Songs

It’s been a while for me, getting that juice of passion and waiting for that kind of motivation for me to write again about what is going on in my life.  I just listened and sang the song rendition of Olivia Ong “sometimes when we touch” and tried to play on my guitar and her voice moved me with the clarity of her voice. The way she deliver the song and how the words pronounced so clear with impact, it made my morning special. I have listened to the song repeatedly and it made my day. Thanks to her music and song rendition.

Just a week ago I have been listening to different genre of music and bought cds at odyssey. I even downloaded songs at the mp3youtube site. It’s like looking for something so I just go whatever my feelings like to go. I ripped the four cds and started to play them and start singing. What I most like about the instrumental cds, I can sing the songs through my head and the lyrics just came along, good thing I know some of them. The old songs from Barry Manilow, Basil Valdez and other various artists are great to listen especially you are in a mood of being alone, well it keep you in a good company though.

Those songs keep me sane and attached to my feelings of hurt and alone time, it really understand the feeling inside me. I would like to burst the feelings which no one could hear and understand but only me and the music. Thank you for the music that keep me company before 2016 ends.

I’ll be ready hopefully and will release negativity this 2016 so I can go back to who I really am.

You can listen to one of my favourite song Sometimes When We Touch by Olivia Ong

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