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Ride a Bicycle to Fight Boredom

Why some women like to ride a bicycle? People asked me, what and how I got hooked riding a bicycle. Maybe because I was looking for an additional activity that could fight my boredom. I am married and my husband is so far away. It was like almost a year waiting and waiting that leads me to depression. My mom told to go out to look for things to fight the stress and depression.


Dancing is my passion so I went to a zumba class for six months, went to places to places, attended seminars, stayed in spas and things are still missing. I went over the net and read articles what women do to avoid stress.


I was in photography and I learned to shoot and capture beautiful things also, attended photography seminars and joined photography sites and posted pics to join contests and showcased my photos. Still things are lacking…. It doesn’t stopped me finding and looking what makes me really happy and satisfied on what I am doing.

Another thing that makes me less stress is to paint. I went to national bookstore and bought paints, brushes, canvass and oils and started to express myself through painting. My mom is very supportive, I kept the paintings by myself and was really happy with my few canvass, I feel like an artist. Well, it doesn’t stopped me there until one day with all the things I do it just pops in my mind, to get and buy a bike. When I was a kid, I like winds. It’s a kid thing maybe.

With all the things I do, maybe I didn’t stopped exploring what I want. It just flows and followed my heart. My first bike is a mountain bike, I love it and I was really happy. My first ride is I was feeling free, and it felt like I am close to nature. I’ve learned many things in life and it’s a blessing. I thank God, for all the gracious things He gave me and only I could advice to readers and friends is to follow your heart.

Inside Mt. Inmalog

Life is like a bicycle, there is no end of road. There are many curves, obstacles and hills that you will pass before you get to your destination. You maneuver which may it lead to success or failure. It is a risk if you go too fast either you will succeed or fail. If you succeed it brings accomplishment in life and if you fail you get back up again and continue to move on.


I believe bicycling brings balance and colors in your life. Get one, it helps fight your boredom.


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