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The Rough Ride inside the Trails

C360_2015-05-17-21-05-09-764 C360_2015-05-17-21-05-38-501 C360_2015-05-17-21-06-22-679C360_2015-05-17-21-06-48-831
Too hot and you never get away with it! Too far though it’s worth to ride to see amazing views up there!

I had never thought cycling is a very challenging sports and hobby. Nobody hooked me on getting a bike, it just came. The instinct is too strong so I came on the sense I should buy and get one. From then on I had never stop exploring, wandering, making friends, hungry for mountain ride, feeling the sunshine, smell of the trees, feeling the earth and listening to breeze. Love it!

Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

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