Friday Start (UDH)

It’s a good calling now, this time 11am to write what I think and feel. It’s friday, the room temperature is a bit cold. I’m wearing earth tri-colors of medium stripes sando dress sitting on a warm couch which hugs me all day. The weather outside is sunny and really hot in a 41 degree celcius. It’s been a long time that I’ve tapped my fingers to a keyboard, seeing this letters makes me wonder how beautiful to write again. Am actually smiling right now and the passion is just coming out little by little. I guess I am just bored for being so not active and had a gloomy lifestyle for a  past two months now. I have told myself many times too write but here I am excited to pour topics and talk about life and so many things over my past and present. I believe writing could keep me sane and stay smart, and it will avoid me experiencing a not blossoming lifestyle. I really would like to set aside my happy past life acivities and maybe embrace the present, how sad that can be, oh boy.  I just need to do this to write because I like to cope in anyway on my own way and find ways to make my life be better. I like to turn myself into a beautiful new version of me today and set a good standard then look on the past at the same time to collect memories to write it down here. Friday will be a productive day and goodbye dull day. 🙂


Finished: 11:30am

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